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Sean Kelly: A Farmboy and A King of Classics

Sean Kelly 1984 Roubaix

Today’s The Cycling Wire brings you essays about Sean Kelly, Portland’s kermesses, and pills. A sprinter who won almost everything In 1984 Sean Kelly reached #1 ranking in professional cycling. The rise started a year before though, at the 1983 Il Lombardia where he beat, and check this list out: …

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The Cycling Wire

I often find some interesting pieces on the Internet to read. Thought you might find them interesting too. In fact, I’ll send these on a regular basis between The Russian Crank newsletter editions and call it The Cycling Wire. Here’s the first punch. Big and heavy? You still gonna ride …

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Unwritten Rules of Cycling

In Soviet Union, unwritten rules of the peloton was law. As the unwritten rules go, they were not codified. You wouldn’t go to a library, pick up a Codex Cyclicus volume and find out what’s legal and what’s not. You learned the rules over thousands of kilometers listening to your …

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A Case Against TT Bikes

The Rise of the Machines Nineteen-eighty Moscow Olympic Games left a footprint in my memory. This is when aero helmets and skinsuits hit cycling scene’s prime time. And bikes. Picture a 14-year-old cyclist who heard about 6-speed freewheels but never saw one. Picture me watching on color TV how our …

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