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Book (6)

The Renegade: Chapter 1

October 9, 2019

People say you see images rush in front of your eyes the moment before you die, images from the past like riding in the trunk of your dad’s truck to a camping ground or a cherry ice cream you had l...

The Renegade: Chapter 2

October 10, 2019

Titan has changed. Three guys from the original 1982-83 intake beefed up with a bunch of twenty-year-old pups.

The Renegade: Chapter 3

October 11, 2019

Not everyone stutters the same way.

The Renegade: Chapter 4

October 20, 2019

Tell the man on the street God is dead. Tell him the utopia everyone believes in, the world to come, people who walk the earth today will see it in twenty years. We’re that close. One last push. Pr...

The Renegade: Chapter 5

October 26, 2019

Trumheller offered me to ride in his car on the way back from the Maykop race. A three-hundred-kilometer trip in his red Lada instead of eight hours on a bus with the rest of the team.

The Renegade: Chapter 6

October 29, 2019

The road to the top of the Soviet cycling pyramid turned out to be littered with potholes. At first, nothing seemed too complicated about it. Win or finish on a podium at the Russian state champion...

Cycling (2)

A Case Against TT Road Bikes

October 10, 2019

The Rise of the Machines

Unwritten Rules of Cycling

December 30, 2019

In Soviet Union, unwritten rules of the peloton was law.

Open Source Software (1)

Did Anybody Use Your Computer?

October 19, 2019

Don’t know if this is possible on Windows or iOS but on Linux you can see if someone used your computer without your knowledge.